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Tzatziki - Yogurt and Cucumber Salad/Dip

Ingredients 1 large seedless cucumber 1 tblsp salt 2 full cups full fat strained Greek Yoghurt (Stragisto) or 2 cups 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt + 2 tblsp sour cream 2 - 4 crushed garlic cloves

Preparation Method Peel the cucumber and cut into tiny cubes (finely diced). Place diced cucumber into bowl and sprinkle with salt. Mix and set aside for about 10 minutes. Place cucumber into a colander and strain off any excess liquid. Place the yoghurt in a bowl. Add the strained cucumber and garlic and mix. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator until ready to use. Serve with pita bread, fried or grilled vegetables or if you prefer grilled meat. It’s also great in sandwiches or as a filling for pita pockets with raw salads of choice. Yield: 4 servings Tips! In some parts of Greece, finely chopped dill or mint is often added to this dip as well as a little bit of olive oil and sometimes even capers or finely chopped pickles.

If you like, you may also add some grated carrots to the dip. Serve in pita pockets with a salad of your choice for a lovely and healthy light lunch.

If you like, you can thin out the dip with milk or even water to make it into a sauce or a refreshing cold summer soup. Remember to adjust the seasoning and if you like, add some freshly chopped herbs or finely chopped veggies of choice.

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