Various International Media

KaritasM (Chef Karitas)

I have spent my entire life traversing the globe and developing my passion for foods and appreciation of native cuisines.

Taste, presentation, simplicity and fun in the kitchen are a few points I’ve emphasized in the many cooking classes and gourmet groups I’ve taught in countries as diverse as Greece, Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Iran, Finland, Austria and the USA.

Born in Iceland, Greek through marriage I’ve lived in 14 countries and speak seven languages fluently. Presently I’m a food & travel consultant living in Athens, Greece . . .  where I love to travel, cook and discover endless scrumptious tasting local specialties . . . some of which I hope you will enjoy,  along with many other from various countries,  on my website! 

In this section I have posted some of the international media coverage I've had  in the past to give you an idea of some of the things I've done in various countries where I've lived and worked.