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Exhilarating Lifetime Travel!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

On a sunny Sunday morning in July I was invited to join a small group of friends for an exhilarating lifetime travel experience to the nearby Saronic island of Aegina by one of Rib Cruises newest rib boats; Magna Onda 331 GT.

The island of Aegina can easily be reached by a regular ferry or hydrofoil connection from Piraeus which takes about an hour but I can honestly say that this time around my friends and I were in for uncharted territory!

We boarded the Magna Onda at the Marina of Agios Kosmas and as soon Dimitri, our experienced skipper, had informed us about the boat and all safety measures to keep in mind, we set sail on our truly adrenaline-pumping trip to Aegina island . . . on board of this most amazing powerboat with speeds escalating up to 50 knots!

In, I think, less than half an hour we arrived at the bustling port of Aegina town with its many fishing boats and quite a few glamorous yachts jostling for parking positions. Fortunately our skipper was well organized and dropped us off at a central location where we had the choice of taking a spin around the port and its surroundings in one of the many horse-drawn carriages waiting for customers, walk around the town’s graphic alleys and do some shopping or jump into a taxi to visit, as I wanted, the Church of Saint Nektarious.

As I have written previous blog posts on my visit to Aegina I won’t repeat myself today but for lots more info do check out the following links:

Whether you are in Aegina for a short or longer visit, before you leave the port, make sure to enjoy the seafront area with its many cafés and if you have the time try some tasty honey puffs at the Posidonio Café and last but not least, stock up on the terrific tasting pistachio nuts and various other local products . . . like we did!

Our next destination on this special day trip was the tiny island of Moni. Here you will encounter a natural reserve park offering crystal clear turquoise waters and a white sandy beach perfect for relaxation or a quick refreshing dip in the ocean . . . as long as you have your swimwear with you. If you prefer though, you can always take a stroll on the island and check out the peacocks and for snorkeling enthusiasts, I’m told the underwater garden with its impressive formation and marine life is truly remarkable.

With time flying and our tummies grumbling, we headed to the Perdika Bay, one of my favorite seaside foodie destination with lots of local taverns for a late luncheon. We opted for the O Miltos tavern that I’ve frequented for many years and, as always, we were served heaps of great tasting dishes that we all enjoyed with a chilled local white wine that was light and pleasant and complemented the food nicely!

As evening approached, it was time for our return trip back to Athens and as we leaped across the waves towards the mainland, I knew I would forever cherish the electrifying feeling of traveling with the Magna Onda and my dear friends. It was a truly memorable day with some moments that have already been added to my list of unforgettable lifetime memories!

By now, I’m sure you’ve understood that I’m totally hooked onto this type of travelling . . . . and I can’t wait for my next thrilling Rib Cruise boat trip!

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