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Inspiring Foodie Destinations!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Food and drink have always been an important component of the tourist experience. Both arouse our senses and often get us profoundly involved with our overall well-being and our surroundings. When travelling, we don’t eat and drink only to survive . . . but instead, we fuel our bodies while nourishing our souls. Also, when shared, food often fosters long lasting friendships, even among strangers, and enriches us with information and many essential elements of the cultural heritage of visited regions or countries.

Fruit & veggie market at Aegina's seafront harbor

Here in Greece, as I’m sure in most places around the world, a single bite can link the present to the past through traditions and bring us closer to the locals as well as creating lasting memories for us to enjoy and share! Last June my hubby and I went on our annual week-long road trip that I think typifies the idea of food related tourism – diversified destinations with ample attractions and very importantly . . . . food that I knew would dazzle our taste-buds and reveal a mysterious sense of intimacy with the locals!

Aegina Island Harbor

Early morning departure from Piraeus

We started our journey by taking the early morning ferry to the Saronic island of Aegina, a little over an hour’s trip from the port of Piraeus. Since it was still too early to have a breakfast of loukoumades (fried honey puffs) upon arrival, as planned, we drove to the Church of Saint Nektarios for our spiritual well-being.

Church of Saint Nektarios

There, while my husband attended mass, I intended to go on a walk-about of the area as I always do when we visit this church, however this time around I didn’t get very far. Instead, I met a fascinating local pistachio farmer who, luckily for me, was thrilled to talk to such an inquisitive stranger!

Pistachio farmer

Not only did I learn lots about the island’s pistachio farming but also some of the secrets on how to roast fresh pistachios that have been soaked in boiled seawater and how best to store them! It goes without saying his pistachios were deliciously addictive and when we parted, I left my newly made friend and clever salesperson with bags of pistachios to take with us on our road-trip and back to Athens.

Freshly roasted high quality pistachio nuts

Although I had munched on quite a few still warm pistachios, my tummy was grumbling so I was really happy to see Alex (my hubby), ready to return to the harbor area for a much awaited loukoumades breakfast at the Posidonio café followed by a stroll alongside the seafront, the food market area where I discovered exquisite local products and chatted with some of the store owners and residents . . . .

before checking out some of the quaint side streets full of local colors and small boutiques selling artifacts, clothes and lots of hats to help you avoid a sunburn!

We had considered staying overnight on the island but since we’d been there so many times we decided to head on to Methana (our 2nd stop), with the ferry, after enjoying a late lunch at one of Aegina’s popular seaside fish tavern’s called Ouzeri Skotadis.

Fried cod with Skordalia (garlic sauce)

Our lunch was simple but delicious. Alex ordered the fresh fried cod with skordalia (garlic dip) that he said was excellent but since I didn’t feel like fish, I asked our friendly waiter if the tavern had some homemade specialties that I should try!

Tomato pie

He suggested a tomato pie and a green salad served with red peppers and fresh cheese quenelles covered with a pistachio crust that were a true delight and the perfect choice on a hot summer day . . . together with much needed chilled beverages.

Green Salad with cheese quenelles with pistachio crust

While waiting for our food, Alex quenched his thirst on a mug of ice-cold beer while taking in the seaside view, whereas I decided to inspect the indoor space of the restaurant as well as its 1st floor balcony.

View from restaurants balcony - seating available

Here, the view over the harbor was even better and I’m sure this location offers beautiful sunsets . . . making it an ideal place for a romantic candlelight dinner for two!

Our dessert on the house - semolina pudding served with sweet wine

With this in mind, I leave you with mouthwatering thoughts of much-loved foods, drinks and unique views . . . which are, of course, tantalizing components of food related tourism!

Coming soon . . . our stay in Methana . . . Epidavros . . . and . . . Napflio!

If interested, take a look at a previous blog post on my website: A City Break on the Island of Aegina!

Posidonio Café

Leoforos Dimokratias

180 10 Aegina

Tel: 22970 26667

Ouzeri Skotadis

46 Leoforos Dimokratias

180 10 Aegina

Tel: 22970 24014

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