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Thessaloniki – A City of Many Treasures!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Seafront view - Thessaloniki

For Greek Easter I enjoyed a long week-end in Thessaloniki; a vibrant city of legends with a multicultural past that mixes with the present . . . as seen with every step you take when exploring its many treasures!

From the White Tower, the symbol of Thessaloniki, alongside the waterfront you will enjoy the promenade and a cool sea breeze while taking in the views whichever direction you take!

White Tower, the symbol of Thessaloniki

A stop in front of George Zogolopoulos’ Umbrellas, a sculpture that was originally showcased at the 45th Biennale in Venice and transported to seaside promenade in 1997, when the city was nominated Cultural Capital of Europe, is an attraction that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Umbrellas  - Sculpture

Another favorite is the Crescent Moon-Shaped, corrosion-resistant metal sculpture by Pavlos Vasiliadis that floats some 4 meters above the sea waves a short distance from the Umbrellas, actually its original position some 23 years ago!

Crescent Moon Shaped Sculpture

If you walk from the White Tower towards the harbor I would suggest you walk past the central Aristotle Square towards the port’s central gate.

The Port's Central Gate

Here, cross the street as right opposite you will find the so called Ladadika. Check the area and the streets by day and enjoy the food, drinks and atmosphere at night!

The view to the Ladadika area

Now, if you were to continue towards the city’s New Port (industrial harborside area) you would find The Met Hotel where I and Alexander (my husband) stayed and enjoyed its avant-garde design with cutting edge art, the rooftop bar with pool and lots and lots of delicious food!

The Met Hotel - courtyard

Other than enjoying the waterfront area and strolling through the city’s many lovely streets, check out the museums and art shows, or join the Greeks in their national hobby; drinking coffee at one of the many cafés

One of the City's many Cafes

in town accompanied by a sweet bougatsa (phyllo custard pie) or some other irresistible sweet!

Bougatsa - Sweet Vanilla Custard Bougatsa

Thessaloniki is considered by many to be the country’s culinary capital and I can promise you, from past experience, that you will need a lot more time than a long weekend to get a real taste of the city’s endless gastronomical choices!

Octopus with Grilled veggies at The Met Hotel

More on that and our stay at The Met Hotel coming soon . . . .

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