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Seafood Binging in Central Athens!

If seafood binging is high on your agenda you might want to check out the Psarochori restaurant . . . . one of my favorite places in Athens for eating some of our ocean’s gifts!

The restaurant’s winning combination is a relaxed, comfortable and unpretentious environment together with its simple & delicious food, based on product driven cooking that keeps patrons, including me, coming back for more.

Fresh fish is always on offer and cooked pretty much any way you want. I highly recommend, the salt baked whole fish (your budget allowing), served with fresh veggies and latholemono (lemon/oil dressing), which is truly awesome.

Apart from Marios' (head waiter’s) entertaining service presentation, the salt crust (a mixture of coarse sea salt and egg whites) ensures the fish is cooked evenly and gently without added cooking oils . . . giving superb results and well-seasoned moist fish that I’m sure will tickle your taste buds!

If the catch of the day is not for you . . . don't worry! The menu offers a variety of flavorful options and starters as well as several daily specials with some innovative twists.

The fish soup is about the best I’ve had, here in Athens, and if you like pulses make sure to try the delicious and nutritious three bean salad topped with yogurt dressed up with freshly chopped dill and drops of extra virgin olive oil . . . or the chickpea salad with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh cheese (when available).

To be totally honest, everything I’ve tasted in this restaurant has been well cooked and prepared by Chef Dina and her kitchen team whose strength lies in a well organised kitchen and what I call “light touch cooking” that allows their classic seafood and other inspired creations to shine!

For the finale you will be offered really tasty homemade lemon sherbet but if you get a chance, make sure to try the house specialty; a scrumptious tasting, flaky version of the traditional Greek galaktobouriko (milk pie) served with a scoop of Ice-cream . . . which I promise you is another true sweet delight!

I hope the photos included in this post . . . are worth a lot more than a thousand words . . . and will tempt some of you to visit Psarochori . . . the fish village (in English).


Psarochori Fish Restaurant


Anastasiou Tsocha

11521 Athens

Telephone: 210 643 8691

Open daily - 12 noon until 24.00

Prices: Very good value for the quality & taste of food!

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