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Tasty Seafood in Piraeus!

Greeks have always been big fans of fresh seafood and most families have their favorite local joint that they enjoy whenever their budgets allow! Elias’ Fish Tavern in Piraeus is one of our family’s favorites; a friendly place that dishes up tasty takes on family classics 6 days a week that are simple, fresh and tasty!

At Elias’ fish tavern don’t expect culinary innovation; instead, you’ll get top quality and well-executed homey type of food! Their fried or grilled jumbo shrimp and calamari as well as various types of small fish are always cooked to perfection, while their fragrant seafood kritharoto (orzo pasta seafood stew) with a subtle spicy kick is a truly delicious.

As a starting point try their jazzed up Greek village salad (horiatiki salata) garnished with fresh leafy seasonal greens, feta cheese and barley rusk.

The fava (split pea puree) is outstanding and if you like fries, make sure to order some as they are about the best in town . . . especially with a generous serving of tirokafteri (spicy cheese dip)!

If you are a fan of clams or mussels you've come to the right place! I've often witnessed content customers devouring huge plates of good looking mollusks and I'm told they always come back for more . . . just like I do! The tavern's Mussels Saganaki , mussels served in tomato sauce (made with fresh tomatoes) with slices of green peppers and crumbled chunks of melted Feta cheese is addictive . . . which I think . . . says it all!

Anyways, after your taste buds have been tickled with seafood, salads and mezedes, you'll be offered some sort of sweet . . . . on the house. In summer it’s normally ice-cream but otherwise mostly great tasting home-made halva (semolina pudding) or portokalopita (syrup drenched orange cake) . . . . or a bit of both!

Elias Fish Tavern


Chatzikiriakou Street #104

185 38 Piraeus

Tel: +30 210 4511261

Opening Hours:

Open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday - Saturday

Open for lunch on Sundays

Closed on Sunday evenings and Mondays

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