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Smart Casual Dining at the Gastone Restaurant!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The Gastone restaurant, located in Ieros Lochos Square in the heart of Athens’ shopping triangle where Euripides, Praxitelou, Agios Markos and Aeolus meet . . . is a modern, vibe driven restaurant /cocktail bar that manages to combine a smart casual street dining experience with mouthwatering upscale cuisine with Greek influences and creative twists.

For vegetarians or those in a rush for a meaty fix . . . there are plenty of well executed main course choices and solid side dishes.

I really love their spit roasted Piglet served with an outstanding mustard flavored piccalilli that I enjoyed with my friends on both recent occasions with a Greek salad topped with a delish soft Feta cheese from Thessaly and a fried crisp flat bread with a touch of cheese.

Although I normally try to stay away from negatives, I regret to say that the second time I ordered the fried crisp bread I was truly disappointed. It was tough and chewy and served overcooked . . . actually a bit charred. This just goes to show you that consistency in restaurants is one of the hardest things to keep up and needs constant vigilance . . . as it’s normally the hand on the handle that will make or break a dish!

If you love to indulge on meat, try tucking into the slow cooked (for 6 hours) cutting edge spare ribs that many think of as a real gustatory delight! My brother, who was visiting me in Athens, really enjoyed this dish whereas I much prefer the spit roasted meat . . . on the rare occasion I eat meat! Anyways, this dish and many other are worth trying and I would recommend ordering the Gorgonzola Tzaziki . . . a traditional Greek specialty with a lovely twist!

For those with a sweet tooth, try the delicious loukoumades (honey puffs) that were outstanding. I only wished I hadn’t eaten so much of the spit roast piglet as it left little room for sweets . . . except for a spoonful of their tempting strawberry sherbet served in an individual container.

On both occasions we enjoyed our meal with a pleasant, well chilled rose wine but if you like cocktails there are some classic choices on the cocktail menu . . . that can be ordered separately at at the indoor bar counter . . . or served before and/or with your meal.

Last but not least, the service was prompt and friendly on both occasions and the prices very reasonable for the quality of the food.

Definitely going back for more spit roasted Piglet . . . whenever I get a craving for some juicy and delicious pork meat!

©KaritasM – November 2021

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