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Semeli Mountain Resort!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Piera Mountain View - Mount Olympus

If you are a wanderlust enthusiast who likes the beauty of nature but wants to feel a real sense of adventure or somebody looking for an amazing vacation far away from the huzzle & buzzle of city life, the Semeli Mountain Resort , on the slopes of the Pieria Mountain, might be just the spot for you!

Autumn  atmosphere - perfect for walks in the woods!

With a magnificent view of Mount Olympus, the Semeli resort is situated 2.5 km from the Elatochori village at an altitude of 1050 meters, and only 5 km away from the Elatochori ski center. It is surrounded by a forest of beech, oak and fir trees which I found to be the perfect location for long walks through stunning woodlands.

It is surrounded by a forest of beech, oak and fir trees which I found to be the perfect location for long walks through stunning woodlands.

For the more adventurous visitors outdoor activities such as horseback-riding, kayaking down the areas waterways, mountain climbing or biking and intense driving adventures can be arranged at reasonable prices!

Mountain Biking for the adventurous!

Semeli Resort on a sunny Autumn Day!

The hotel itself is built from stone and wood. The interior is a mixture of old and new . . . in warm and inviting colors. There are 31 spacious and well-designed rooms and for those who are looking for a relaxing wellness escape there is a gym and a spa that offers Swedish massage and a variety of body treatments.

Breakfast - Simple but Delicious

The resort also has a conference center, a café/bar where a simple but delicious breakfast is served and a sumptuous looking restaurant which I felt didn’t really fit the picture! The restaurant's menu consisted of many local specialties and everything we tried was truly tasty . . . but lacking in presentation.

l loved the spicy & robust tasting sausages that were grilled to perfection. However, I would have loved them even more in a different ambiance; in a tavern or even better, on the terrace outside . . . . with the glorious mountain view!

I and my husband arrived at the Semeli resort on a sunny autumn day. We had been exploring some parts of northern Greece with a stopover in Thessaloniki when we decided, on a last minute whim, to visit this resort which we had discovered by chance through a write up in a local newspaper. After about 1 ½ hour drive from Thessaloniki we arrived at the resort where we were welcomed by a very friendly and accommodating staff.

Resort's Sitting Room
Our Bedroom with Fireplace

While being shown around, I asked about the origins of the resort’s name and as I had anticipated, it was connected to Greek mythology!

According to myth, Zeus, the supreme ruler of the gods who was married but famous for his many affairs, set up his beloved and beautiful Semele, the princess of Thebes, in the mountains of Pieria so that he could visit her from his throne on Mount Olympus!

Beautiful Autumn colors

Whether you believe in myths or not, I can only recommend you create your own myth here in Greece, capturing some of the country’s many exuberant and stunning locations that I’m sure will encompass some, if not all of your passions . . . . whatever they may be!

Semeli Mountain Resort


Elatochori, Pieria

Tel: +30 23510 82992 - 82996 - 82999 Fax: +30 23510 82997


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