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Noah - A Hip New Pet Friendly Hot Spot to Love!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

There’s no better time than summer to fall in love with a new hip hot spot and pet friendly all day restaurant/ coffee/bar, called Noah, that is tucked away in the green, cool oasis of the Eletherias Park, next to the Megaron Concert Hall in Athens.

Since I walk and play with my German Sheppard, Norma, in this park on a regular basis I had been following the makeover from the previous place called My Park to this new one for quite some time and when by chance, one of the owners offered to show me the place before it’s opening I accepted immediately!

From the first moment I passed through Noah’s entrance marked by its fountain with a huge hand symbolizing "love you" in sign language, I knew I would become a frequent guest.

I felt certain that the upcoming warm summer days and nights, the fresh colorful hacienda style atmosphere with its greenery and rustic vibes, together with the local food and beverage scene were like a match made in heaven . . . and the perfect setting for kicking back some tasty treats and cocktails.

If that’s not for you, then I would simply suggest you soak up the ultimate Greek pastime tradition of drinking coffee with friends or family while catching up on the latest news or gossip . . . as I did on my first visit after Noah’s recent official opening. I promise you, the coffee, cold or warm is tops and reasonably priced!

Another bonus, if available, sitting under the place’s beautiful giant leafy tree that offers a welcome reprieve from the mid-day heat to help you relax and enjoy your visit.

Today, after my early Sunday morning walk and playtime in the park with my German Sheppard, Norma, I decided on the spur of the moment to check out Noah’s brunch menu instead of heading home for breakfast . . . together with Norma.

Upon entering we received a truly warm welcome by Noha’s hostess, Katerina, and all the other pet friendly staff and before we had time to settle down, our waitress Natali had brought both of us some much needed water that Norma and I really appreciated . . . as you can see from the photos below.

Brunch for many of us is one of the best way to soak up the weekend with a table full of food and people you love. At Noah’s they have just right table that I can visualize filled with a stack of eggs, burgers, frittatas, pancakes and more . . . all at once!

Today, since I was by myself I decided to taste one dish and opted for the eggs Benedict with a bacon crumble, spinach and hollandaise sauce. The food styling was a bit different from what I had anticipated but I always respect new ideas even though I might not agree with them! The eggs were delicious and well-presented but could have been cooked a tiny wee bit more to be perfect. Also, I would have preferred a bit more spinach and less hollandaise for a healthier dish . . . but that’s only me! I’m sure others would have loved it!

There were some other trendy dishes for all tastes on the breakfast menu and lots of other choices for snacks, salads, pizzas, and full meals for all the different times of day. Since I’m not a cocktail drinker I will leave it up to you to decide and perhaps report back to me. On one of my next visits I’m definitely going to try the Churros, hopefully with a chocolate drink . . . even in summer, and then I want to try some of their fresh lemonade that sound really yummy, especially the hibiscus rhubarb lemonade!

Last but not least, I look forward to seeing this relaxed, breezy and spacious restaurant/coffee/bar that sticks to all the Covid-19 protocols going from strength to strength and I wish them lots of success from 09.00am – 03.00am.

I and Norma will most definitely be back soon for more. . . .

Contact Info:

Noah Restaurant/Coffee/Bar

Eleftherias Park, next to Megaro Mousikis

11521 Athens

Tel: +30 210 7233419

Opening hours: 09.00 am - 03.00 am

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