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Cauliflower Steaks with Spicy Pepper Salsa!

This dish is one of my all time favorite vegetarian dishes! It's a very healthy and satisfying main course meal but also great as a side dish or even as a salad. If using as a salad, you might want to separate the cauliflower florets and mix them with all the other ingredients, once cooked. If you prefer, instead of doing cauliflower steaks you can of course steam the cauliflower florets and then just mix them with spicy pepper salsa. As always, adapt the recipe to whatever way you like the most!

Ingredients for 2 – 4 servings

2 large slices of Cauliflower (from Cauliflower’s middle)

1 - 2 tblsp olive oil

2 tblsp soft light brown sugar

1 red Florina or Bell pepper, finely diced

1 green Bell pepper, finely diced

1 – 2 scallions finely sliced

1 clove garlic, finely chopped (optional)

4 pickled red chili peppers finely sliced

1 heaped tblsp grated ginger

1 heaped tsp lemon zest

Olive oil, to taste

Salt and freshly ground mixed pepper, to taste

Fresh thyme or parsley, to taste

Garnish: Toasted Almond flakes (optional)

Preparation Method

Heat oven to 200 C. Slice the cauliflower into about 2 ½ cm (I inch) steaks, using the middle part as its’ larger. Save the rest for another time or use.

Place cauliflower steaks into a large oven proof skillet or other ovenproof dish and drizzle or brush with olive oil. (As seen in photo above) Add a little water to skillet and sprinkle cauliflower steaks with soft light brown sugar. Roast in oven for 15 – 20 minutes or until cooked through.

While cauliflower is cooking, make the pepper salsa. Place diced peppers, scallions, garlic (if using), pickled red chilies, ginger and lemon zest into a bowl and mix. Drizzle with a wee bit of olive oil and mix. Season to taste with ground salt and mixed pepper corns.

When cauliflower steaks are cooked, spoon over the salsa and garnish with fresh thyme or if you prefer toasted almond flakes.


If you are diabetic or don't want to use sugar in the recipe, just omit the brown sugar.

Last spring, working on a food project for smoked fish I unlocked the flavors of this cauliflower dish with delish smoked fish . . . Sea Bream or Sea Bass as seen in photo below! It was truly delicious and if you like smoked fish . . . I truly recommend it!

©KaritasM – February 2023

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1 Comment

Feb 27, 2023

Deliscious!Thanks Karitas! Hope you are doing great! Janet Burns

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