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Juicy Grill's New Athens Home!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

At the beginning of November, Juicy Grill, one of Athens’ number one burger joints moved to a new home much to the delight of its many fans who can’t get enough of the place’s burgers; made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients that ooze with juicy succulence!

Juicy Burger with Fries

I and my husband visited the place just a few days after its opening and even if the seating capacity has multiplied many times over from the previous location, an hour or so after their doors opened, it was packed with happy customers.

Central seating area with view to kitchen

There are three different seating areas, the central room being my favorite with its high ceiling, practical functional design and open kitchen.

It was also really nice to see the restaurant’s accommodation and access for patrons with disabilities; especially the wheelchair accessible entrance and separate WC on the ground floor.

Whatever you are craving, Demosthenes, the owner, has you covered! The menu, apart from its juicy, confidently griddled burgers, has lots of tempting salads and many other choices for all tastes.

Photo collage with photo of owner

Apart from the burger my hubby loved, I really enjoyed the Guacamole green salad (seen in photo) that was fresh and delicious and contained, among other, grilled chicken, avocado, corn, plum tomatoes, cucumbers and croutons.

Guacamole Green Salad

The guacamole wasn’t apparent but pleasantly disguised in the flavorsome combination of a perfectly ripe avocado and a slightly spicy dressing that tickled my contented taste buds.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about the desserts as after the usual abundant meal, sweets have never been an option!

The beverage menu, however, is much improved and includes cocktails, wines and a good selection of beers . . . all served from the trendy drinks counter.

View to the selection of beers at new drinks counter

It goes without saying that we are going back for lots more and if you should visit, I’m pretty sure you will agree with me that pleasure, taste and juiciness are some of the joints key notes!

  • If interested, here is a link to my previous review of the Juicy Grill from 2017.

Juicy Grill Steak & Burger Restaurant


Περικλεους 37 &, Klious, Cholargos 155 61

Hours: Opens at 1 pm

Phone: 215 520 3201

Prices: Reasonable - Value for Money!

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