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Raki Meze for Good Value Seafood!

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

The Raki Meze restaurant in Kalithea, run by the Kastelorizo Group, has a really modern cozy atmosphere and serves simple seafood plates at affordable prices. There is a vast menu with plenty of choices for all tastes.

Raki Meze Restaurant

I and my husband ordered a la carte but for those who like lots of food check out one of two set menus priced at €14.50 or €16.00. From what I saw being served at adjacent tables, the plates didn’t stop coming and everybody looked really happy!

Raki Meze Salad

We ordered the Raki meze salad that was fresh and delicious . . . tasty fried calamari . . . octopus skewers that were unfortunately very disappointing . . . and last but not least outstanding and perfectly cooked fried octopus meatballs that we loved.

Octopus Meatballs & Fried Calamari

Actually, the octopus meatballs were about the best I’ve had here in Greece and are a must try if you visit.

Fried Calamari

Keep in mind that some of the dishes are made with seafood that has been frozen, and thus the prizes . . . but if the seafood has been frozen properly and cooked accordingly you won’t know the difference!!!

White wine & Water

When it comes to beverages, for those who like Raki you’ve come to the right place but for those, like myself who don’t drink Raki or Ouzo, the house wine is good value and pretty decent too!

For dessert we enjoyed slices of chilled watermelon, on the house, that were truly tasty and just perfect on a hot summer day!

Fresh Watermelon for Dessert

We are definitely going back for more . . . sometime soon!

White wine & Water


El. Venizelou Street #334


17675 Attiki

Tel: 2109429027


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