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Delicious Pizzas & More - in Athens!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

When it comes to pizzas most of us have our own special opinions what makes a truly satisfying pizza. I for one always say that it all comes down to getting the basic elements right, especially the dough and the baking. When those two are correct, your pizza doesn’t need lots of embellishments!

Pizza at Cupola

To start with, I like a dough that is a bit bubbly and springy and baked to a crispiness that is quite hard to achieve at home . . . as nothing beats cooking a pizza in intense heat that comes from using a proper wood-burning oven seen in many Italian restaurants and pizza places.

As for the toppings, avoid overloading the pizza base as this could result in a soggy pizza. It’s always best to be sparing with the sauce and not go crazy with too many flavors or extras! Keep in mind that the locals of Naples (Italy), who are credited with inventing the pizza in the late 1880’s, used buffalo mozzarella and tasty San Marzano tomatoes as a topping for their famous Margherita pizza that, nowadays, has an official EU protected status!

Pizza at Tre Sorelle

So when you are need of carbo-loading in Athens or crave your Italian in the form of a wood-fired pizza, I’m happy to report that I’ve recently added four restaurants to my list of favorites that serve some of the best pizzas in town; two in Pagkrati, one each in Kolonaki and Kifissia (Athens suburb) . . . that I’m pretty sure will keep you going back for more!

Here are the first two: Cupola and Tre Sorelle (both in Pagkrati)

Outside - Entrance to Restaurant Cupola

My number one choice for pizza is without a doubt Cupola, a contemporary neighborhood Italian trattoria located on a pedestrian street in the central Athens neighborhood of Pagkrati, a few steps away from the the old Olympic Stadium.

Inside decor

Here, Chef Stano Rossi cooks plenty of delicious fresh pasta and crispy Neapolitan Pizzas packed with flavors that I just love! The soups and salads are also great and if you are craving high protein dishes, don’t worry as there are plenty of daily specials and menu items that include top quality meat and fish plates!

Neapolitan pizza

Spinacch salad with goat cheese

For the apertivo fans, the bar serves cocktails for all tastes and as soon as you are seated, friendly staff will appear with small glasses of Cupola’s well-known Apperol/Prosecco aperitif to sip on . . . together with freshly baked focaccia bread to nibble on while you tackle the task of deciding what to order from the trattoria’s many choices!

The staff is very helpful, friendly and professional . . . and the prices, considering the quality of the food, reflect good value for money!

Salad and pizza


Eforionos 13, Athens 11635, Greece

Tel: +30 21 1411 7444

Opening Hours:

Monday closed.

Tuesday – Thursday from 19.00 – 00.30.

Friday – Sunday from 12.30 – 00.30am.

Indoors and view to bar counter -Tre Sorelle Restaurant

Another favorite spot to placate your hunger pangs for pizza is the Tre Sorelle pizza bar in Pagkrati.

Indoor decor

This friendly and welcoming hip neighborhood street-side restaurant/bar with an interior deco that reminds one a bit of the 60’s takes a no-nonsense approach to pizza with generously sized, modestly topped pizzas that should please even the most discerning fans.

Delicious Pizza with Ham & Mushrooms

Their salads and panini are simple yet truly fresh and delicious. I like their happy, feel good Tre Sorelle salad (dressing preferably on the side) topped with good quality thinly sliced prosciutto and mozzarella cheese balls that is also perfect for sharing!

View from bar counter - lots of choices for cocktails!

The house wine is pretty good but their signature cocktails truly amazing! On my last visit, I tried the Tre Sorelle cocktail made with rum, gin or vodka and other goodies which was seriously good . . . and a real hooker! If in doubt what to order, ask the bartender for his recommendation. I have a feeling you or your friends won’t regret it!

Tre Sorelle Cocktail - made with rhum, gin or vodka


Tre Sorelle Pizza Bar


Archelaou 19, Athens 116 35

Tel: 21 1407 2172

Opening Hours:

Open ⋅ Daily from 13.30 - 01.30am

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