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Smaragda Fish Tavern!

Smaragda’s, named after its owner, is a genuine and charming Greek fish tavern tucked away on a quiet street-corner in Pefki (a northern suburb of Athens) serving fresh seafood, flavorsome homemade appetizers as well as many other local delicacies!

Smaragda Fish Tavern - Covered outside veranda

Actually this fish tavern has been on my Athens top 10 restaurant list for many consequent years . . . which is saying a lot!

Part of the restaurant's interior room

The décor is simple and relaxed with tables set up in a covered veranda (see photo above) or inside in a more cozy, homey kind of atmosphere . . . that I really like! Most importantly however, their fresh food and consistency of taste are hard to resist and are in my opinion the benchmarks of what a good restaurant should have.

Fried Calamari

The fish at Smaragda’s is always fresh, well cooked, moist and tasty! However, to be totally honest with you . . . my husband and I don't go there so much for the fish but instead, on week-ends only, the best fish soup in town which is packed with flavor, fish and finely chopped veggies . . . just the way we like it!

Fish Soup packed with flavor!

Revythokeftedes - fried chickpea balls

I also love the small dolmadakia (rice stuffed wine leaves) and the fried, well seasoned revythokeftedes (chickpea balls) . . . that are truly outstanding!

Dolmadakia -stuffed wine leaves with rice & herbs

HORTA - Steamd greens

The selection of salads could be a bit more exciting . . . so if you like a plateful of healthiness order the Horta (steamed greens) which are always good; especially when served with grilled or fried calamari or fish or . . . whatever else you may fancy!

Halva - semolina pudding with raisins

To end the meal you will be offered a complimentary sweet are always homemade and often include one of my preferred Greek desserts; Halva (semolina pudding) with or without raisins and always dusted with plenty of ground cinnamon . . . YUM!

Last but not least, please note that this restaurant, adored by its faithful local clientele, can be extremely busy on special holidays or for Sunday lunch. So, I would recommend making a booking prior to visiting it!

Smaragdas contact info:

Smaragda Fish Tavern


Nikolaou Plastira & 24 Pindou Street

Pefki, 151 21 Athens, Greece

Tel: +30 21 0805 6379

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday: 19.00 – 00.30

Sunday: 12.00 – 17.30

Mondays Closed

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