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Granny's Pound Cake

Updated: Jan 4

This is a recipe which I have been making since I was a kid. I have made it in every country where I’ve lived with great success . . . so I think I can say it is as full proof as a recipe can be!


250 g unsalted butter – room temperature

250 g sugar

2 tsp vanilla essence

5 large whole eggs – room temperature

130 g all purpose flour - sifted

120 g potato flour*

1 full tsp baking powder

Preparation Method

With electric mixer, beat the butter for a minute or two and then add the sugar and beat until mixture is light and fluffy. Add the vanilla essence and mix. Add one egg at a time and beat well. In a separate bowl, mix the sifted flour with the potato flour and the baking powder and then add carefully to the mixture. Beat until you have a smooth batter, making sure the mixer is on very slow speed. Don’t overdo it though!

Pour batter into cake pan which has been greased and lightly dusted with flour. Smooth the top with a spatula, run a knife through the middle of the cake batter and bake in a pre-heated oven, at 160 C, for one hour.

Take out of oven and let pound cake cool for about 20 minutes in pan. Now, remove cake carefully and place on a wire rack to cool completely.

Yield: 12 – 14 generous slices


  • This is a great pound cake for breakfast or a special afternoon treat with hot chocolate, coffee or tea. You can make it ahead of time as it keeps really well for a few days. It also freezes well although in my family I normally don’t have enough left over to freeze!

  • If you like, instead of vanilla essence you may add a little lemon or orange zest to taste . . . or even a bit of both!

  • *Potato flour is gluten free and made from dehydrated, finely ground potatoes. It is not only used in baked goods but can also be used as a thickener for soups, sauces and gravies. If potato flour is not available where you live you may substitute it with corn flour or Maizena!


©KaritasM – December 2016

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