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Awesome Meat with a View!

Braised Pork Shank with Oven roasted Potatoes

Agios (Saint) Merkourios is a well-known tavern for meat lovers in Varimbombi with a beautiful view to Athens. Situated above the evergreen forest of Parnitha it’s no ordinary tavern, but an oasis of freshness during summer and warmth during winter. . . . . with its rustic wooden interior and monster fireplace

My husband and I have been coming here for years and we never get tired of the place! We often combine a visit to this tavern with long morning or afternoon walks in Tatoi; the ideal way to build up an appetite for the place’s enormous and luscious stavlisia (the so called stable steak), perfectly grilled paidakia (lamb chops) or slowly oven cooked pork shanks (photo above) . . . all served with oven baked potatoes or homemade fries! The sausages are also great and if you like grilled liver, go for it . . . as it’s superb!

For those of you that are not familiar with Tatoi, it’s located 5 km north of Athens's suburbs, and 27 km from the Athenian Acropolis. It was the summer palace and 10,000 acre estate of the former Greek Royal Family, and the birthplace of many of its members. The area is a densely wooded southeast-facing slope of Mount Parnitha and a lovely location for long walks with family and/or friends; particularly your four legged friends!

If you are a vegetarian don't fret. The tavern serves lots of salads and their special home-made cheese pie, tiropitari with a Greek village salad is a must!

Tiropitari (cheese pie) with a Greek village salad

I also really like their traditional cabbage and carrot salad, fried zucchini served with tzatziki (yoghurt cucumber dip), the Feta cheese and the tirokafteri (spicy cheese dip).

Now, if I haven’t enticed you yet, perhaps the photos from last year’s festive Easter Sunday will do the trick! Not only was the food outstanding, but the whole place felt like a giant high spirited family celebration with lots of friendly smiles and happy faces!

Upon arrival we were greeted by the owners and the smell and sight of lambs being roasted on the spit alongside the Kokoretsi (a favorite Greek dish of wrapped seasoned lamb offal).

Died red Easter eggs

There were baskets full of red eggs for all to enjoy and participate in the game of cracking or “tsougrisma” as the Greeks call it . . . which symbolizes the breaking open of the tomb and Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

Flowers brighten up the entrance to tavern

Agios (Saint) Merkouris Tavern




Telephone for Reservations

Tel: +30 - 210 8169617


On Easter Sunday . . . table reservations are a MUST!

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