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Juicy Burgers @ Juicy Grill!

Burger & Fries at Juicy Grill!

At the Juicy Grill, a small and unassuming restaurant in the Athens neighborhood of Cholargos, you will find a broad selection of tasty and well-cooked burgers served either on a roll or bagel alongside a jacket potato or thick fries . . . that are bound to delight!

Lovely fresh Salad!

Apart from burgers, the menu offers lots of other good stuff. Some of my favorites include the grilled corn on the cob, enormous fresh salads with various dressings and great tasting T-bone steaks served with a delicious homemade BBQ sauce.

Corn on the Cob - Yum!

Upon entering the Juicy Grill, a couple of years back, I and my husband were greeted, as always, by Demosthenes, the friendly chef/owner and the soul and inspiration behind the place. He looked so familiar that I couldn’t resist asking him where he had learnt his trade! As it turned out, while living in New York, he and I frequented the same butcher’s shop in Queens Astoria (USA). I as a regular customer, he as a young aspiring chef/butcher learning the secrets of the meat trade.

Thus, it will come as no surprise to you when I say that Demosthenes really knows all the key factors on how to make a superb burger! He not only uses quality meat with the correct ratio of protein and fat but he also knows how to handle the burgers during the grilling; ensuring mouthwatering and juicy results!

A truly satisfying burger!

I guess the only thing left for me to say . . . if you want a truly delicious and satisfying burger that really packs a big punch and/or some other good stuff . . . then visit the Juicy Grill in Cholargos.

I’m pretty sure you will be enchanted!

Juicy Grill

Juicy Grill


Keramikou 2,

155 61 Cholargos

(Exit #4 from Messogeion Ave.)

Tel: +30 21 5520 3201

Opening Hours:

Daily: 13:30 - 24.00

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