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Sweet Temptations for Christmas!

There is nothing I like more than discovering foodie treasures that offer something amazingly tasty (sweet or savory) or different!

Generally speaking, my personal favorites are relatively relaxed, simplistic and budget friendly places that are dedicated to nourishing the stomach as well as the soul. However, during the festive Christmas season I love being bedazzled by sweet temptations! As they say . . . Tis the season to be jolly . . . and the perfect time for extravagance and indulgence!

Here are my 3 top choices for festive sweet temptations for Christmas in Athens:

Little Kook Cafe - Street view

The Little Kook Café is a place where, in December, Christmas fairy-tales come alive!

Room with Xmas decorations

Located in the hip neighborhood of Psiri in the center of Athens, this unique themed Café is divided into small rooms on three floors that are adorned with incredible Christmas decor that mesmerizes and transports its visitors to a fantasy world with sweet wonders . . . . no matter what age!

One of the rooms in Cafe

Every surface of the Café is covered with amazing amounts of

Christmas objects and thus the tables and sitting spaces are rather tight . . . but since the place mainly sells coffee, hot chocolate, and other beverages together with cakes and desserts they can get away with it!

View to Cake Stand - Remedies & Cures!

Sweet Crepe

On my last visit, this past week, I asked one of the waitresses to bring me, what she considered, the Café's most representative dessert. I half expected her to suggest either a sweet or savory crepe but instead she sold me on the idea of a dessert called the Humpy Dumpy Nest . . . an impressive looking crunchy meringue base/chocolate ice-cream concoction that was truly hard to resist . . . even at 11 o’clock in the morning!!!

Humpy Dumpy Nest - Dessert

So, do as I did . . . step into fantasy land, forget the hustle and the bustle of the outside world . . . and indulge!


Karaiskaki Street # 17

105 54 Athens (Psiri)


10 am – 11pm on weekdays

09.00 – 11pm on week-ends

Tel: +30 210 321 4144

View to The Serbetia tou Psiri Cafe

Psiri is one of Athens’ districts that is packed with creative stores and quaint restaurants as well as must visit picturesque cafés . . . like my Athenian old-time favorite called The Serbetia tou Psiri.

Traditional Halva with Cranberries

At this cozy family run café, I’m sure you will feel at home while enjoying some of the best traditional Greek syrup drenched sweets, cakes and desserts Athens has to offer . . . all made in the Serbetia bakery, one floor above the café!

Whenever I’m in the area I’ll pop in to indulge! I love their scrumptious tasting old fashioned style Halva (semolina pudding) with cranberries that is made with a family recipe using butter instead of oil!

Gingerbread Xmas tree & Gingerbread House + Melamakarona

For Christmas, you will also be able to buy beautiful and festive looking Gingerbread Houses and Trees that are truly yummy . . . and an ideal Xmas gift for somebody special! The Gingerbread House costs €30.00 and the Gingerbread Tree €35.00.


Eschilou Street #3

105 54 Athina (Psiri)


Open daily: 9AM–2AM

Tel: +30 210 324 5862

Once you’ve been to Emi’s and tasted some of her cupcakes, cookies or special holiday season goodies you’ll know what I mean when I say; One bite is never enough!

I pretty much love everything I’ve bought in the Greek/Canadian family run shop since it opened in Kolonaki a couple of years ago . . . which is saying a lot as when it comes to baked goods I’m really fuzzy . . . to say the least!

Christmas cookie Trea - Emi's Cupcake Store

For the festive season you will find amazing cookie Christmas Trees (€25.00) and Gingerbread Houses (€40.00) that have captured my heart! If you think a whole tree or a house is too much of a good thing, then I would suggest the tempting and beautifully decorated gingerbread cookies that are delicious . . . . and make lovely small presents too . . . at €4.50 each.

Gingerbread House at Emi's Cupcakes in Kolonaki


Karneadou Street #7

106 75 Athens ( Kolonaki)


Monday - Friday: 08.00 – 20.00

Tel: +30 21 1182 4230

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