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Slim Bites 4our Waistlines!

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Low calorie cup cakes!

With the summer and swimwear season fast approaching, it’s time for some of us to shed a bit of extra winter fat and a few cuddly bulges hanging over the waistband that may have helped us feel warm and cozy during the winter months . . . but are definitely a problem when it comes to feeling comfortable in too snug summer clothes!

Personally, on special occasions I love to indulge in everything that is truly fattening and sweet, but on a daily basis I like to keep a tight watch on my food intake and I always try to cook with flavor instead of fat and unnecessary sugar . . . in my everyday home cooking!

On hot sunny days this summer I’m happy to say that I'm convinced that it will be a bit easier to keep to a healthy diet! Just as I started craving ice-cream, a real weakness of mine, I walked passed a newly opened Slim Bites confectionery/coffee shop in Kolonaki with tempting looking yummies!

It goes without saying that I didn’t hesitate to go inside to inspect this novelty shop and I’m happy to report that there are lots of tantalizing sweets, fruit and smoothie bowls, cookies, cakes, chocolates and ice-creams on offer, all made with stevia instead of sugar and very importantly, made from scratch without the use of ready-made mixes and preservatives.

Chocolates made with stevia

Happily, I also noticed a few fruit/smoothie bowls and savory options which included lower calorie quiche like pies with well baked crusty pastry with various fillings . . . . as well as a vegan option that I really liked (seen in photo below).

Low calorie vegan quiche pie

The spinach/bacon pie’s filling was also quite tasty but a bit grainy. The quiche I brought home however, with peppers and cheese, was delightful and the perfect size for a light luncheon or dinner with a green salad of choice!

The shop’s décor is pleasant . . . airy, fresh and sweet . . . that reminded me of American ice-cream parlors and “Pretty in Pink - Sweet 16” ambiance parties with pink and pastel colored sweets & cupcakes . . . that I catered for in New York city many years ago!

So if you feel like adding delish & guilt free sweet treats or smoothie bowls to your healthy diet . . . that won’t affect your waistline . . . . go for it!

Although I haven’t tasted any of the Slim Bites pastries or chocolates . . . I loved the scrumptious pistachio flavored ice-cream with crunchy pistachio bites (seen in photo below, topped with yogurt/mango ice-cream).

Ice-cream made with stevia instead of sugar

I’m sure, however, that by peak summertime season I’ll have tried all the ice-cream flavors . . . and much more!

Pastel colored sweets

Various Locations in and around Athens

Patriarchou Ioakim #37

105 75 Kolonaki

Tel: +30 2130446544

Leoforo Pendelis #5

Tel: +30 210 6646716 or

+30 6936953414

Artemidos 8 & Laodikis

Tel: +30 2167006979

Kifissias # 373 Τel: +30 2106254165

Solomou # 9

Tel: +30 210 6776764

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