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Pachi - A Lovely Day Excursion!

Updated: Aug 10

One of my favorite choices for a short daily excursion on a sunny winter or spring weekend is a visit to the small community of Pachi, well known for its many fish taverns, ouzo and coffee bars offering food, drink and refreshments . . . and lovely sea views!

Only 41 km west of Athens’ center, within the Saronicos Bay, and 3 km south of Megara, Pachi is well protected from the area’s northern winds. Actually the place feels and looks a bit like an island of the Aegean and in summer . . . it can get very crowded!

When you arrive, especially during off peak seasons, park your car on either side of town and enjoy a long walk along the landscaped harbor with its many fishing boats. For bicycle fans, you could always try the area’s bicycle lane on the coastal road, and if it happens to be warm day you might want enjoy the sandy beach in front of the settlement . . . which is not organized, and thus free, at least so far!

After our walks, my husband and I normally end up for a late lunch at the family run Mouragio seafront tavern . . . . with a truly superb view . . . that serves simple, tasty fresh fish and other local delicacies.

Here the owners are happy to serve you a meze or a simple Greek salad with a glass of ouzo or wine but when available, make sure to try some of their yummy fried red mullet or other small fresh fish.

Also, I always recommend you ask whether the owner’s wife (whose name escapes me) has prepared some of her famous and truly scrumptious carrot fritters! They are ultra-rich and truly gorgeous . . . and when I once asked what goes into making these heavenly carrot patties that melt in your mouth . . . I decided I was better off not knowing!

Wherever you end up, relish the location and the heartwarming Greek sunshine . . . or if you happen to be there in the early evening . . . the magnificent sunset with its many beautiful colors!

Mouragio Fish Tavern


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