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Tempting Shellfish & More!

Returning from Loutraki to Athens by way of the old seaside road on our way to a fish tavern, TRATA by Anemolgio (in Néa Péramos, 48 km before Athens), my husband and I stumbled upon a row of roadside stands selling a variety of farmed oysters, scallops, clams and mussels.

Roadside Stands in Amelogio selling fresh shellfish & mollucsc

Fresh Oysters

The stands have been there for a long time, but since we normally use the much faster highway to get to and from Loutraki we had totally forgotten about their existence.

It goes without saying that we stopped to check out the stands that were not as busy as I remembered from earlier visits, but still selling really fresh and superb looking products.

Shellfish farming harbor

Old fashioned tools are used to bring the shellfish from the ocean to the stand where they are sold

One of the stand owners, who said his family had been in the business for over 40 years, was so kind to allow me to have a look behind the scenes.

He not only showed me how the various types of shellfish and molluscs are brought in nets from the ocean to the stand, for sale,

Throwing a net full of shellfish back into ocean to store

but also how they are stored directly in the ocean ensuring constant freshness . . . vital to all who love these well-known delicacies!

As I got ready to leave I thought to myself, this is definitely a place to visit during the Greek Orthodox Lent period (27 Feb - 30 April 2017) when most Greek households, including mine, serve a wealth of meals that combine superb textures and flavors.

Taramosalata with fried jumbo shrimp

Tasty shellfish, vegetable and grain dishes are on our daily menu but so are other traditional specialties such as taramosalata (creamy, rich flavored fish roe spread) served with fresh style village bread and octopus cooked in some manner . . . all so delicious and satisfying that any thoughts of meat vanish instantly into thin air!

Steamed Mussels with herbs

Arriving at the TRATA fish tavern we noticed several changes that had been made (from our last visit) by the tavern’s new owners, including an overflow of tables and chairs on the outside terrace that made it look more commercial. The spartan touch which I had always liked so much was gone . . . and with it, the friendly family style service!

Since it was a beautiful sunny winter weekday, we were lucky to get a table at the seaside front and I told myself . . . enjoy the view and don’t prejudge the place!

Having asked where their mussels came from and getting the answer I wanted, from one of the stands down the road, we ordered simply prepared mussels with a mixed boiled veggie salad for our main course. Both turned up truly well prepared and delicious.

Our meze though, slices of grilled octopus was very disappointing and instead of being succulent, tender and aromatic . . . it was dry and hard as a shoe sole! Another favorite my husband intended to enjoy with his ouzo, small fried fish . . . were ok but nothing to write home about!

Dessert, on the house, Halva (semolina pudding sprinkled with ground cinnamon) was really yummy and the baked apple, although tasty was so red that I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of super red dye had been used in its making! The fun part was its color . . . that matched my sunglasses perfectly!

Looking at the bright side, we had a lovely, lazy afternoon by the seafront which we thoroughly enjoyed!

Trata By Anemologio

Tel: +30 22960 34671

or +30 22960 44390


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