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Yoleni's - A Foodie's Delight!

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Various Pitas at Yolenis

If you are a Greek food lover – Yoleni's is for you! I think it’s safe to say that after walking in with high expectations, they stayed high! This conveniently located multi floor food emporium in Kolonaki (Athens) offers its visitors a Greek culinary journey of discovery.

Yoleni's Juice Bar & Cafe

The café, located on the ground floor, has an open feel whilst offering other tempting elements such as the pita making station, wine shop and healthy juice station.

The café, in addition to the traditional hot and cold beverages, offers a large selection of pitas (pies) with various dips, salads, a daily soup and the dish of day. All are made with top quality Greek products, from selected producers, which are also available in-house.

Yoleni's Pepper & Feta Cheese Pie with Yogurt Dip

The pitas (pies) are very popular and having tried a few I would recommend ordering their mixed savory pita plate with a choice of two different types of pitas and dips. Add a glass of wine and you have the making of a perfect way to chill out!

If you prefer it sweet, try their lemon curd or chocolate pitas and on a chilly winter day, indulge . . . and order a cup of hot cocoa or chocolate. The top quality of the ingredients used in their making produce rich and smooth beverages, without a hint of bitterness.

Cured Meats in Yolenis Grocery Store

For cheese lovers, the grocery store in the basement is a must. Here you will find a great selection of cheeses, including some really interesting choices from the islands as well as a variety of tasty cured meats from some of the country’s top producers.

There are plenty of other gastronomical delights awaiting you! The grocery carries a around 2500 Greek products and there are always some tastings going on.

Oreanthi - Greek Herbal Tea Promotion

A few weeks ago I tasted a couple of lovely caffeine free teas from the Oreanthi, The Greek Herbal Tea Collection and this past week, handmade chocolates from Alexandros Hand Made Chocolates . . . . that I loved!

Alexandros Hand Made Chocolatess

Caramel Salt Pranlines - Yummy!

This company produces over 40 different types of nicely packaged chocolates with varied flavors and textures. I had a really hard time deciding which ones to taste . . . finally opting for the caramel salt milk pralines and the dark chocolate (70% cacao) with pistachios; both heavenly and I fear . . . highly addictive!

Yoleni's Fruit & Veggie Market

To my delight, the grocery store also has a colorful, small veggie & salad market and breads, made by a local Lykabetos bakery, that work nicely with so many of the items on sale!

There is restaurant and meat shop located on the 1st floor, easily accessed via lift, showcasing meats from the well-known Bralos Farm, a children’s play room on the 2nd floor and an Olive oil tasting bar on the 3rd floor with an adjacent facility offering various cooking lessons . . . all things I still have to check out . . . up close!

I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit to explore these options . . . in a place that is bound to become a regular Athens Foodie’s haunt!

Waiting for the Chefs - at the Restaurant & Bralos Farm  Butcher Shop

Address: 9 Solonos Street,

106 71 Athens, Greece

Open: Every Day 10AM–10PM

Phone: 212 22 23 600

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