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Rich Hot Chocolate!

Hot drinking chocolate is very easy to make at home. The only thing you really need is premium quality dark chocolate – or if you prefer it a little sweeter, semisweet dark chocolate – water, milk and/or cream, a small saucepan and a couple of minutes of your time!

Ingredients for two generous servings.

100g dark chocolate (43% –70% cocoa)

¼ -½ cup water

400g milk

Preparation Method

Chop up chocolate and add to water in a small saucepan or double boiler. Over low heat, melt chocolate slowly and whisk until you have a smooth consistency.

Warm milk separately and stir into chocolate, whisking continuously. I normally use a hand blender for this as it gives me a really frothy and creamy chocolate beverage.

Remove hot chocolate drink from stove. Never allow it to boil!

Serve immediately.


  • For those of you who have a cappuccino machine use it to warm up the milk and make a nice froth which you can then whisk into the melted chocolate. It makes for a nice presentation, especially when dusted with a bit of cocoa powder

  • Should you want a truly rich and dense chocolate drink, use milk and cream and no water

  • Don’t forget that the taste of your drink will depend on the chocolate you are using. Here in Greece I normally use Pavlidis or Ion brands (43% - 70 % cocoa) which will give you a mellow tasting chocolate drink that I truly love!

  • For an extra rich treat with a Nordic touch, add a dollop of sweetened whipped cream just before serving, dusted with cocoa powder or a bit of cinnamon


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