Greek Pastichio

Pastichio is a classic Greek baked pasta dish made with macaroni (or other) pasta, ground beef, béchamel sauce and grated cheese. It is the ultimate comfort food that always brings smiles or happy memories to the table . . . and the taste of home to our minds! This traditional dish is easy to make and well worth your effort . . . even if a bit time consuming. It can be made ahead of time and freezes really well. Actually, I think it's better when re-heated and it's the ideal dish when cooking for a hungry crowd! Pastichio - Baked Pasta dish recipe: Ingredients Macaroni 250 g (1/2lb) Pastichio macaroni (or other of choice) Béchamel Sauce 6 tblsp butter 6 tblsp all-purpose flour 2 cups war